Program - Public Lectures

  1. 1.Masayoshi TsugeJapanDiversity of Learning in Classroom and Role of Psychology in Japan: The History, the Present Situation, and the Prospects (in Japanese)
  2. 2.Koji YamamuraJapanHow to Create the Movement in Animation (in Japanese)
  3. 3.Keita OchiJapanApplication of Psychology in Criminal Investigation: The History and Current Situation (in Japanese)
  4. 4.Nobuko UchidaJapanRecovery from Child Abuse (in Japanese)
  5. 5.Ryuta KawashimaJapanQualitative Measures for Communicative Activities in Daily Life Situations (in Japanese)
  6. 6.Osamu KitayamaJapanOn the Prohibition of “Don't Look”: Depth Psychology in Shame Culture (in Japanese)