Program - Sponsored Symposia

Organizer Symposium Title Sponsor
Kyoko Noguchi
Annamaria Di Fabio
Donald H. Saklofske
Constructing lives in harmony: the power of resilience The Japanese Association of Health Psychology
Shigeru Ninomiya Animal welfare: A scientific assessment of animal stress and comfort Japanese Society for Applied Animal Behaviour
Hirofumi Saito
Sotaro Shimada
Future trends in neuroimaging: Social brain interaction within real-life contexts Shimadzu Corporation
Shogo Sakata Functional and neural mechanisms of interval timing and temporal cognition Hiroshima University & Japanese Society for Physiological Psychology and Psychophysiology
Ken-ichiro Tsutsui Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS): a powerful tool for research in psychology and neuroscience Miyuki Giken
Masamichi Sakagami Perspectives on cognitive studies with multi neural activity recording Physio-Tech Co. & Plexon Inc.
Ruriko Takano Common and individual values of beauty derived from cosmetics behavior in East Asian regions Shiseido Co.
Yuji Hakoda
Hiroyuki Shimada
Stroop & Reverse-Stroop interference as cognitive control: The possible underlying mechanisms and applied perspectives Toyo Physical Corporation
Kiyoshi Ando
Kako Inoue
Job-related stress in natural disasters Japanese Association of Industrial/Organizational Psychology
Makio Kashino Elucidating and improving the athletic brain: Synergy of cognitive neuroscience and information technology NTT Corporation
Yuichi Toda
Insoo Oh
Development of PC games and apps to prevent traditional bullying, cyberbullying, and Internet problems: Exchange of Korean and Japanese researchers' expertise and experiences JUNGLE, Inc.
Atsushi Oshio Accumulated evidence of personality development in Japan The Japanese Society of Personality Psychology
Takatsune Kumada
Keiichi Kitajo
Ryoichi Nakashima
Attention, awareness, and the sense of agency in driving and rehabilitation Riken BSI-Toyota Collaboration Center
Etsuko Hoshino Do we need music? : The fruits and roles of the psychology of music in the studies of perception, cognition, emotion, and social behaviour The Japanese Society for Music Perception and Cognition
David I. Anderson The Role of Motor Activity in Psychological Development Japanese Association of Behavioral Science
Atsushi Maki Artificial living environment and Mind Hitachi, Ltd., Research & Development Group
Yoshinobu Kanazawa The role of clinical psychology in Japan in the 21st century The Association of Japanese Clinical Psychology
Etsuko T. Harada
Kwangoh Yi
Satoru, Saito
Diversity in environment reveals universal cognitive mechanisms The Japanese Society for Cognitive Psychology & The Korean Society for Cognitive and Biological Psychology