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Congress Theme: Diversity in Harmony: Insights from Psychology

Today, diversity in our world can be seen as both problematic and beneficial. For example, there is diversity related to ethnicity and culture and to physical attributes and health. There is also diversity among the various domains of the field of psychology. The term harmony is derived from Greek words meaning "joint, agreement, concord" and "to fit together, to join," and is most often used in music to indicate different tones that together make a more pleasing or striking sound. This concept of "living together," of many diverse constituent parts coexisting in accord forms the basis of ICP2016.

IUPsyS Presidential Address
Are Psychology and Human Rights Compatible?

Saths Cooper
South Africa

IUPsyS Presidential Symposium
Not in our name: Psychology post-Hoffman

Saths Cooper
South Africa

IUPsyS Secretary General's Symposium
ICD-11 Mental and Behavioural Disorders: Innovations, Improvements, and Implementation

Ann Watts
South Africa

ICP2016 Diversity in Harmony Symposia

  1. Disaster Prevention and Mitigation: Organized by Clare Yeo and Takao Sato
  2. New Horizons in Cognitive Neuroscience: Organized by Masataka Watanabe
  3. Evolutionary Perspectives in Psychology: Organized by Masaki Tomonaga
  4. Law and Psychology: Organized by Makiko Naka and Yuji Itoh
  5. Media Technology and Psychology: Organized by Takao Sato and Junji Watanabe