Program - ICP2016 Diversity in Harmony Symposia

Masataka Watanabe Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science, Japan

Title: New Horizons in Cognitive Neuroscience: Face-to-face social interactions between two individuals probed by hyperscanning, neuronal recording, and neuroendocrinological approaches

  1. Introduction
    Masataka Watanabe (Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science, Japan)
  2. Shared attention and inter-individual neural synchronization in the human right inferior frontal gyrus
    Norihiro Sadato (National Institute for Physiological Sciences, Japan)
  3. Social reward signals in primate striatum
    Wolfram Schultz (University of Cambridge, UK)
  4. Oxytocin forms inter-individual relationship
    Takefumi Kikusui (Azabu University, Japan)