The Results of ICP2016 Logo Contest

published by the ICP2016 Publicity Committee, September 19, 2011

The ICP2016 Executive Committee invited the public to enter a logo design contest for the upcoming congress. We received seventy superb entries from 46 participants. With the help of the first meeting of the ICP2016 Organizing Committee, the ICP2016 Logo Contest Judging Committee is pleased to announce the following seven designs to be the winners of the contest.

<First prize>

Ai Takiyama (Chiba University) produces:

To be the ICP2016 logo!


<Second Prize>

Rachel Wu (Birkbeck, University of London) produces:


<Honorable mention>

Jun Yoshimoto (Chiba University) produces:


<Honorable mention>

Mariko Ito (University of Tsukuba) produces:


<Honorable mention>

Makoto Utsunomiya (AC Co, Inc.) produces:


<Honorable mention>

Hiromichi Yokochi (Designer) produces:


<Honorable mention>

Haruka Yoshinaga (Ritsumeikan University) produces: